Beauty is: Being tuned in to how you feel on the inside, and not just to how you appear on the outside.

What makes me feel beautiful: My children. Even when I’m in home gear and shuffling around with my hair scrunched up in an untidy bun.

The regime:
 I work out at the gym. I also do yoga twice a week. But I’m a busy mom, so a daily beauty ritual pretty much goes out the window.

My take: Beauty is more of an enslaving notion for women than it is for men. Even the most beautiful woman will admit that she looks for humour and personality in a man. Why don’t we look for some of those things in a woman too, instead of judging her by her vital stats alone?

I think women judge themselves too harshly and a big deal is made about being beautiful. Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Be kind to yourself. Don’t overvalue physical beauty, in yourself or in others. It doesn’t last anyway