Wisha Wozzariter by Payal Kapadia is a delightful read for all young ones and the older ones (like me) who still call Enid Blyton their favourite author; followed by Roald Dahl (who I discovered in my adulthood but quickly devoured most of his writings)

What got me to pick up this book was a short review I read about this book. The book’s cover page which accompanied the write up, instantly reminded me of a curious little niece I have! Reading the synopsis and the phonetic title (wish-I-was-a-writer!) all put together instantly reminded me of her and I had to get it for her.

But, curiosity got the better of me and I too leafed through it before the little girl got it! Simple, fun and a mix of Enid Blyton and Harry Potter-esque world, the book is perfect for any little child’s imagination. And of course accompanied by Dahl-esque drawings (surprisingly by a young man named Roger Dahl which is just a co-incidence) The story takes you thru Wisha as she wishes she had written the books she loves! Until a bookworm pops out and inspires her to do so! The story unfolds in a magical kiddy-land where Wisha learns what makes a good author and how to write a good book!

A whizz-thru one-hour read for an adult and a wondrous journey of probably a week for any little one. And at the end of it, am sure they will have a ‘worm’ of an idea for their own little book!

By Jermina Menon