India has a rich literary tradition, especially in the regional languages. Today, more and more Indian authors are making their mark in the Indian and foreign markets with their interesting, unique and excellent work. Many more authors today write in English, and many novels written in the local languages are also translated into Hindi and English, thus allowing for a wider readership. The opposite is also true. All this means that the Indian literary scene is currently great with many different authors writing in various genres. A number of these authors are active on social media, and use various platforms to communicate with their fans. In this article, we’ve listed 21 of India’s top authors for you to follow on Twitter.

Payal Kapadia is an award-winning author of children’s books. Born in Mumbai, Payal’s works include titles such as Wisha Wozzariter and Horrid High. Over on Twitter, Payal posts about her books, shares interesting and inspiring quotes, retweets about books for children and posts links to her interviews.