Wisha Wozzariter

‘I wish I was a writer,’ sighed Wisha.
Well, you are Wisha Wozzariter,’ said the Bookworm.
‘So I am! But I don’t quite know where to begin.’
‘At the beginning, of course,’ said the Bookworm, rolling his eyes.

Ten-year-old Wisha wishes to be a writer. When she meets Bookworm, she stops wishing and starts writing. With him, she rides on the Thought Express to the Marketplace of Ideas, the Superhero Salon and the Bargain Bazaar, and encounters a motley crew of characters.

Along the way, she discovers the creative process by which anything beautiful and lasting is created, a process in which Faith, Luck and Destiny play no mean part.

Roger Dahl’s zany illustrations bring Wisha’s imaginative world to life. Join Wisha on this rollicking writer’s adventure and find out how she finally fulfils her dream of becoming a writer!