First of all, I would like to congratulate the author of the book Horrid High , Payal Kapadia, who has done an excellent job. The characters Ferg Gottin, Immy Tate, Phil Fingersmith, Fermina Filch and Bat were the characters who played the roles of the protagonists and Dr. Bloom, Covetus Clutch played the role of antagonists. The story was marvellous and fun to read. Although there are many pros in this book, there are also cons. The story was lagging in pace. As there are 32 chapters, each with 20 pages approximately, it becomes tedious to read. The twist of Granny Grit could have been better. This story tells about a school called Horrid High. All parents who don’t want their children send them there and they live without them happily. Cook Fracas’ comedies were spot on. Hats off to the author!! It explains the plight of students who want to be with their parents but can’t.