Follow Wisha as she travels to the Market Place to collect Ideas.

“Oh! I could have written this,” is what Wisha says when she finishes reading a book. Ten-year-old Wisha is a voracious reader and can read at anytime of the day. And though she hates bad books, good books irk her even more.

It is her tenth birthday that changes her life forever. Goaded by the inspiring green little bookworm who pops up to make her realise that she should stop talking and start writing Wisha goes on a whirlwind trip to become a writer.

The process

First she has to board the Thought Express to the Market Place for Ideas. Off in a land where ideas are exchanged, traded, bartered, bought, sold and stolen, Wisha makes her way to an auction. Nothing here comes free. Promising a half bottle of inspiration for an imagination balloon that Lewis Carroll had returned, Wisha begins her exciting journey as a writer.

From filling it up with things she thought she would need to scouting for her hero at the Superhero Salon and getting kicked out because she had no credit, to her entry into the Bargain Bazaar and actually finding Mr. Frugal and her hero it is quite an interesting journey. She soon realises that Prufrock alone is not enough for her to become a writer.

Does she get to write her story? Does she make it big? What happens when Wisha comes to the last stop on the train ride?

Witty dialogues and illustrations by Roger Dahl throw open a world of imagination that is entertaining. A simple tale of adventures, strange places, slushy alleys and queer characters. This book is nothing short of an autobiographical journey through which Wisha takes us to discover the real person hidden within you. Breeze through this book to find for yourself how to become a writer who has a lot of heart and nerves of steel. ‘So stop wishing and start writing’ and while you are at it keep a lookout for your favourite character —‘The Bookworm’—who has this uncanny habit of popping out from just about any page.

By Archana Subramanian