Wisha Wozzariter is a 10-year old with a self-explanatory name. She wants to pen a book someday, and thinks she could do better for every book she reads, but lacks the courage. So, trusting her unexpected friend, the Bookworm who pops out of book pages, she takes a ride on a real Thought Express to get to the Marketplace of Ideas where old ideas are bargained for new ones, kicks the Writer’s Block out of the train’s way and goes hero-shopping only to see herself thrown out from the big mall by the big guys and land in a little flea place for first-timers. The hero she finds is a li’l mouse much like herself — Prufrock — who she must make brave and fearless — and she does, as she does herself.

Every metaphor undone does it for the book — there’s an Imagination Balloon, the Solitude Room, Sikes the villain who tries to steal her Beginner’s Luck card. The author makes her debut with how she made the debut, packing in simple, short and sure lines for dreamers to get there.

Soumya Mukerji,  June 14, 2012